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Extension Hanwell London, email contact, address, plans

I would be grateful if you would be able to give provide me a quotation to extend our house which we are in the process of purchasing. I understand that a final quote would be subject to visiting the premises but I would be grateful if you would provide me with an estimate. If your initial quote is agreeable, then we would proceed to invite you to the property. As we are in the process of purchasing the property (completion in 2 weeks), it is difficult to give access at present as we do not have keys yet. I have attached the plans which have been submitted to the local council which shows the original structure as well as proposed.

The house is in poor condition and needs a complete overhaul. I have given the basic points as below:


1. Construct ‘L-shaped’ extension across back and side (with possible demolition of garage) and pitched roof

2. Break chimney breast upstairs and downstairs.

3. Create room structure in extension as per proposed plan.

4. Full renovation of internals of extension.

5. Roof-lights / sky-lights to be supplied and installed across extended areas.

6. Full renovation of internals of house (including heating / plumbing / electrics / decoration / ? plastering)

7. Installation of kitchen

8. Supply and Installation of shower / toilet / bathroom upstairs AND downstairs

9. Installation of wooden floors downstairs WITH underfloor heating

10. Installation of carpet upstairs.

11. Supply and install tiles for bathroom / kitchen floor and walls (average quality)

12. Installation of 3m bifolding doors in lounge

Estimated start date would be somewhere in Feb.

Many thanks,

Murali Sivanandan

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